Boarding Staff

Our staff here at JFK are a truly international team; bringing with them professional experience and expertise from around the world.

Yannick Muzenga

Seniors’ House Parent

Yannick is responsible for the senior boys at our boarding house and manages our Swiss Outdoor Camp in the summer. He can rely on his 20 years of experience in boarding, both as boarding student and later as houseparent, most recently in another Swiss International School on the shores of Lake Geneva. He is 38 years old, has a degree in psychology, has worked more than 13 years in boarding houses in Switzerland as houseparent or deputy director, and has been himself a boarder during his teenage years for a total of 7 years. He is also a major in the Swiss Armed Forces where he has been commanding a 120 men strong hospital company for over 3 years. Yannick has always enjoyed working with teenagers and young adults, accompanying them on their way to become responsible, caring and resilient individuals. He speaks 4 languages and is a keen skier and sportsman.