Boarding at JFK

Boarders learn how to live, work and play together,
sharing experiences with people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Welcome to the JFK Boarding House

We offer boarding facilities to students aged 6 and above. We provide boarders with a happy, friendly and rewarding residential experience in a cosy, home-like environment. The school offers separate boarding facilities for male and female students in traditional Saanenland Chalets situated near at the school, in heart of the picturesque village of Saanen.

Boarders learn how to live, work and play together, sharing experiences with people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. We aim to provide a caring ‘home from home’ for boarders, where they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives as part of an international boarding community, having the feel of a large family.

The busy life of boarding provides many opportunities for students to contribute to school life. Boarders are encouraged to join the Student Council to represent boarders’ views, and actively work together to support social, charitable and sporting initiatives and events.

We want life for our boarders to be an unforgettable experience which will prepare them for all they will encounter in later life. Experience shows us that friendships made in our Boarding House, lead to lifelong friendships based all over the world!

Boarding Highlights

Traditional Swiss chalet situated in the heart of the picturesque village of Saanen

The JFK Boarding House offers separate accomodation for boys and girls in traditional Swiss chalet situated in the heart of the picturesque village of Saanen. There are a number of facilities available to the boarders including:

·     Common areas
·     Study rooms
·     Kitchen
·     Library
·     Playing field/garden
·     Table tennis table
·     Mini football table
·     Trampoline
·     Sports equipment
·     Indoor games

boarding house picture view

We encourage children to take advantage of these facilities, use their free time sensibly and play outside when the weather is nice. We discourage too much time spent on electronics and closely monitor their use.

Boarders enjoy of a wide variety of activities

In the JFK Boarding House we enjoy a wide variety of weekend and after school activities, taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings in the Saanenland.

In the summer we organise outside team games, cook outs and nature walks. In the winter, optional extra ski lessons are available as well as other winter sports such as ice skating, sledging and snow shoeing.

Once a term we like to arrange a slightly bigger boarding excursion, such as a trip to the Cirque du Soleil or Circus Knie, and in the summer term we plan a whole boarders’ weekend away, with previous excursions including Legoland, Europa Park and Disneyland Paris.

We also ensure that our boarders experience things closer to home, learning about the Swiss culture and visiting places of interest in the region. The Cailler Chocolate Factory, Montreux Christmas Market and Bex Salt Mines are always favourites.

rock climbing view

Our weekend activity program helps to bring the boarders together, with each other and with the staff as a family. Often therefore, the activities the children enjoy the most are simple and home based, like our film and tuck nights, pizza making evenings or trips to Gstaad.

Most of all we like our activities to be fun. From bowling to laser quest, to play parks, swimming and go karting, we have a full activity program to keep the boarders busy and happy for the whole year.

Residential Life

top school view of playground

Unique opportunities and gain valuable skills

Boarding House is an important and valued part of the JFK School community and one that we are very proud of. We run a happy, safe and enriching boarding program in which children will experience unique opportunities and gain valuable skills. Following the structures and routines of the House, boarders become more independent, responsible and organised and benefit from interacting with children and staff from different cultures and backgrounds.

Our small boarding community creates a ‘home away from home’ where children can thrive in an international family environment. The boarding staff closely follow the personal and academic development of each child, supporting their needs and maintaining a strong relationship with parents.

All in all we aim to provide an unforgettable experience for our boarders. An experience which will lead to life long friendships and which will prepare them for all they will encounter in later life.

Boarding Parents

Jones Samantha_233x350
Samantha Jones
Head of Boarding

Samantha is a UK graduate of Sports and Exercise Science with over 15 years experience working in the International Boarding and Camp Sectors. She has completed a Masters Degree in International Development and is working towards her second Masters in Residential Education. She has a strong link with the Boarding Schools Association and helped pioneer the JFK Summer Camp Program. Samantha has also recently been asked to join the Saanen Dorforganisation, assisting with local projects and providing a link between the School and the community. In her free time she enjoys a number of sporting pursuits such as ski touring, hiking and kick boxing, as well as expanding her knowledge through regular professional development courses. Having worked at JFK for nearly 10 years Samantha is extremely proud to be part of the JFK Family and to continue the development of the Boarding Department.

Catalina de la Garza
Deputy Head of Boarding

Catalina has a strong background in private education, she’s adept at guiding clients to top European institutions. Her strategic networking has expanded her client base, while her role at another international school saw her driving growth in latin American markets, opening new avenues and forming partnerships. Catalina’s caring approach as a Boarding Residential Tutor enriched student experiences, and her project management skills shone at Terza and Harbor Intelligence. A versatile professional with a passion for education, Catalina excels in strategy, marketing, and student development.

Yannick Muzenga
Boys' House Parent

Yannick is Swiss and is joining us with 17 years experience in boarding, both as boarding student and later as houseparent, most recently in another Swiss International School on the shores of Lake Geneva. He is 35 years old, has a degree in psychology, has worked more than 10 years in boarding houses in Switzerland as houseparent or deputy director, and has been himself a boarder during his teenage years for a total of 7 years. He is also a captain in the Swiss Armed Forces where he has been commanding a hospital company for over 3 years. Yannick has always enjoyed working with teenagers and young adults, accompanying them on their way to become responsible, caring and resilient individuals. He speaks 4 languages and is a keen skier and sportsman. Yannick is very happy to have joined our team and to be putting his skills into practice to help our senior boys boarders be the best version of themselves. 

Coline Cazeneuve
Girls' House Parent
Henson-Schnee Laura_233x350
Laura Henson-Schnee
Juniors' House Parent
Lluís Piñero
Boarding Assistant

A dedicated Data Analyst, embarks on a quest for continuous growth. Intrigued by the boundless horizons of knowledge, he ventured to Japan and South Korea, driven by an unshakeable belief that learning knows no limits. His motto, “Don’t worry, just work on it,” reflects his resolute determination to unravel answers hidden within questions. Lluís thrives in unraveling complex puzzles, a skill refined through roles like teaching high school and university math, orchestrating discotheque dynamics, and decoding data intricacies at Taurus Iberica. His versatile language skills—Catalan, Spanish, English, German, and Italian—align with his multifaceted interests, ranging from chess and riddles to the serene practice of yoga. Lluís’ educational journey, including degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Statistics, coupled with courses across Europe, underscores his commitment to holistic development. He infuses his analytical finesse with a fervor for growth, epitomizing a constant learner poised to transform challenges into triumphs.

Minto Karen_233x350
Karen Minto
Boarding Assistant

Karen is a Falkland Islands native with extensive educational and professional experience. She pursued her education in England, earning a Diploma in Childhood Care and Education, as well as a BSc (Hons) Degree in Physical Education and Sports Studies. With a strong educational background, Karen dedicated significant time to working and teaching in schools. Her journey also included a remarkable 7-year tenure with the Falkland Islands Government, excelling as a Personal Assistant to Directors and overseeing the Public Relations and Media Department. In 2020, Karen relocated to Switzerland with her partner and swiftly integrated into the JFK team, contributing both to the Boarding House and Teaching divisions since 2021. Beyond her professional pursuits, Karen is an avid netball player, embracing team sports, travel, running, and skiing during her free time.