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EAL Head of Department/Teacher

8th January 2022 – 31st August 2022


Responsibilities Specific to the Role of Head of EAL

• Manage the JFK EAL department

• Direct and coordinate the teaching of EAL across the Primary and Middle School

• Teach EAL across the school

• Liaise with Admissions to identify EAL needs prior to entry

• Establish an interview process with prospective students prior to entry to assess their level of English and inform timetabling requirements

• Liaise with SEN department to ensure appropriate support for students with SEN and EAL needs

• Oversee the assessment and monitoring of all students’ level of English

• Ensure all students identified with EAL needs have those needs shared with staff who work with these students

• Monitor teaching quality and work directly with teachers to ensure the highest standards of everyday classroom practice

• Create regular opportunities for teachers to share, reflect and improve on classroom practice

• Lead Department meetings, ensuring a focus on improving student outcomes

• Oversee the development of a progressive and effective EAL curriculum

• Monitor student progress, evaluate the success of EAL strategies and identify areas for improvement

• Ensure assessment and feedback strategies are of the highest standards and have a direct impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning

• Support teachers in the timely and effective reporting of information to parents

• Develop EAL to be an example of excellence to others within and beyond the school

• Communicate the successes and impact of EAL activities within and beyond our community

• Select students, with student agreement and parents’ permission, for the Cambridge English Language examinations

• Coordinate the application procedure, liaising with the Cambridge Examinations Officer in the entries, arrangements and provision of all external assessments and examinations

• Coordinate the provision of the exams in school and accompany the students to these examinations, if necessary

• Be responsible for all correspondence with parents regarding the various stages of the examination process except the recharging of costs

• Liaise with teachers to support EAL students across the curriculum and promote the highest standards of teaching and learning

• Attend in school IPC and IMYC training workshops

• Collaborate with other school teaching staff to ensure thematic consistency across the IPC and IMYC planning units where appropriate

• Organise and be responsible for at least one Entry Point per academic year and support Middle School EAL students in their preparation for Exit Points English Competence Centre

• To develop and establish the English Competence Centre in coordination with the Director

The job description is subject to variation depending on the needs of the school. Teachers may be required to carry out additional reasonable requests as requested by their line manager or the Director of the school.

Boarding Housemother

Closing Date:  15 October 2021
Telephone: +41 033 744 13 72
Salary:  commensurate with experience

Job Description:

The John F. Kennedy International School is looking for a Boarding House Mother to take charge of our Junior Boarding House (children aged between 6 – 10 years old). The ideal candidate is responsible for the pastoral welfare of the boarders in her care.  She will also have excellent interpersonal skills, be organised and flexible to the needs of the boarders.  This is a non-teaching role.

JFK is a unique small school with a family feel.    We believe that learning exists inside and outside the classroom and that each child is different and so their learning and progression will also be unique.

JFK staff are expected to foster a professional environment through exhibiting the core values of the School.

Key areas of responsibility:

  • To provide all boarders with the best possible experience of a boarding education by ensuring a challenging and supportive environment: a home from home for boarders.
  • To provide care and security for the Boarders by sleeping in the Boarding House and taking overnight duties.
  • To promote boarding as an integral part of school life.
  • Take responsibility for the discipline of boarders, monitoring behaviour, manners and dress to ensure they are in keeping with the School’s Code of Conduct.
  • Deal appropriately with any discipline issues with regular liaison with the Head of Boarding.

House Duties

  • Take charge of the general organisation of the House and its boarders.
  • Develop awareness of, and implement health, hygiene and sleeping routines in the    Boarding House and organise appointments (hairdresser, dentist, doctor, etc.) when needed.
  • Ensure all boarders maintain a healthy diet and mealtimes are happy and civilised.
  • Take note of any school communication which is relevant to the House and ensure that  boarding students are fully prepared for the school day, trips, events and weekends.
  • Ensure that the boarding area of the school looks neat, tidy and attractive at all times and that routine maintenance/cleaning issues are reported.
  • Comply with laundry and duty routines as outlined by the Head of Boarding.
  • Ensure the boarding area is fully prepared to receive boarders at the beginning of the term and left appropriately packed down at the end of each term.
  • Set high, clear and consistent expectations for student achievement and support home-based learning.

Pupil well being

  • Ensure safeguarding and wellbeing of students, reporting concerns to the appropriate member of staff.
  • Ensure there is a constant review of pastoral approaches, keeping up to date with developments in child wellbeing practices.
  • Create a positive community of mutual respect and support.
  • Be flexible and adjust methods to meet individual boarder’s needs.
  • Ensure the safety and security of all boarders when they are in the school’s care, complying with agreed staff:pupil ratios.
  • Have an understanding of students’ personal, academic and emotional needs and be concerned for all aspects of their development.
  • Be in regular contact with teaching and administrative staff regarding matters involving boarders.


  • Read and adhere to the various policies of the school and support the ethos of the school by upholding its expectations.
  • To maintain Health and Safety standards and requirements within the Boarding House.
  • To provide for the care and wellbeing of the School’s Boarders in such a way that the highest standards of good practice are met.
  • Ensure pupil progress is reported via written reports to parents each term and that records are kept from Parent-Teacher Meetings.
  • Ensure boarders are making good general progress and take appropriate action if a boarder needs extra support.
  • Demonstrate responsibility by motivating and enthusing staff and students.
  • Act as a role model for students, exemplifying a positive attitude.
  • To effectively and efficiently assist with the organisation of the Boarding House’s resources.
  • To approve any boarding expenses with the Head of Boarding.
  • Ensure your personal beliefs are not infiltrating through your work.
  • Participate in the school appraisal system.

Working Hours

  • Work 6 duty days of the week for a 100% position, averaging a 42 hour week over the course of the year (taking into account the vacation periods).
  • The Houseparent is entitled to a 30-hour consecutive period off per week (except the first and last week of each Term) and one weekend (Friday 3pm – Sunday 9pm) off per Term.
  • Additional time off such as day duties are provided at the discretion of the school with the expectation that sufficient time and responsibility is taken to ensure the general organisation of the House and its boarders.

Additional duties

  • Attend all school functions as required, regardless of who is running them – School Council, Parents, other teachers, etc.
  • Participate in meetings, In Service Training, preparation days and school/boarding events as required, including before the start of term, when term has finished and during long weekends.
  • Contribute to School events and projects, assuming leadership with colleagues and initiating new ideas.
  • Ensure that all deadlines are met, as published in the school calendar, or highlighted by your line manager.
  • Deal with emergencies of any kind, including escorting the Boarders to hospital.
  • Provide in House cover as and when required by line manager.
  • Engage in professional development both inside and outside the school.
  • Provide transport in the school vehicles for excursions, activities, medical appointments, and emergencies.


  • Liaise with your line manager promptly, communicating clearly, listening carefully and responding to feedback appropriately.
  • Demonstrate effective time and resource management.
  • Work cooperatively with colleagues.
  • Ensure that as a member of staff you set the highest standards (being punctual, dealing with adults and students in a sensitive manner, being open to change, appropriate dress, etc.)
  • Positively embrace differing cultures.
  • Preserve and promote the good name of JFK in all dealings with the community and parents.
  • Work effectively with other people by treating people respectfully and equally and developing good working relationships.
  • Maintain confidentiality – never publicly relay information about the School until the Director has given permission.
  • Look the part by maintaining a professional and business-like appearance.
  • Ensure that all interaction with students and parents remains within the confines of an appropriate professional relationship (including Facebook/ Instagram pictures and friendships).
  • The entire School site is a non-smoking area.
  • All meals are provided for Boarding Staff during term-time.
  • Overnight stays by third persons and use of the facilities must be authorised ahead of time by the Head of Boarding / School Director.

Teacher of Mathematics

1st January 2022 – Indefinite contract


We are looking to appoint an outstanding, motivated, and experienced Teacher of Mathematics for our students in Year 5-9.

Experience of teaching students across both the Primary and Middle School is essential. The successful candidate would report directly to the Head of Primary School & Head of Middle School.

Staff at the school take on many roles such as lunchtime supervision, after school activities, accompanying excursions (including overnight), chalet events and hikes/cycles. In line with all teachers at JFK, the successful applicant would be expected to lead an after-school activity of their choosing during either the Autumn or Spring term. Staff know all of the students across the school and are comfortable teaching across the age range.

All staff are expected to exhibit the JFK Core Values of Adaptability, Morality, Resilience, Enquiry, Cooperation, Communication, Thoughtfulness and Respect. The ability to drive a minibus would be an advantage. References will be taken from 2 sources including your current employer and you must be able to provide evidence of your teaching qualification, registration and additional qualifications.


Please note that only EU/Swiss nationals’ applications will be considered due to strict Swiss working permit regulations.


Responsibilities Specific to the Role of Teacher of Mathematics

Homeroom: General Responsibilities

  • To be the homeroom teacher for Year 7.
  • To be present during each morning Homeroom Welcome session which takes place in the 20 minutes preceding the start of class.
  • To update the electronic register each morning and to monitor absences and late arrivals.
  • To be responsible, in consultation and collaboration with the Head of Middle School and the appropriate members of staff, for monitoring the well-being, the behaviour and academic progress of every student in the class.
  • To liaise with/inform the subject teachers, Head of Middle School and School Director about any issue concerning a student.
  • To inform parents about any issues, after consultation with the Head of Middle School
  • To check the homeroom students’ reports for spelling errors or anomalies of level/attainment.
  • To write a comment for each child, summarizing the report and the term’s progress.



  • To teach Maths to Year 5 – Year 9
  • To collaborate with the primary Maths teachers, to ensure consistency and progression.
  • To incorporate the IPC and IMYC themes into the Maths lessons where links can be made
  • To promote outdoor learning where possible and relevant
  • To take responsibility for the ordering and managing of the Maths equipment, stocks and
  • To set regular homework


IMYC Curriculum

  • To attend any in school training workshops on the IMYC.
  • To implement the structure of the IMYC.
  • To collaborate with the other middle school teaching staff to ensure thematic consistency across the IMYC planning unit.
  • To take responsibility for and lead at least one Entry point per academic year
  • To assist MS students with Exit Points



  • To lead/help to lead at least one excursion during the
  • To go on all other excursions, if your classes have been cancelled.
  • To be a presence at all JFK events
  • Staff over 70% are expected to attend school trips where required and for homeroom teachers this is obligatory for both Autumn and Spring trips.

The job description is subject to variation depending on the needs of the school. Teachers may be required to carry out additional reasonable requests as requested by their line manager or the Director of the school.

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Information to Job Applicants

John F. Kennedy International School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Any offer of employment will be subject to receipt of a criminal check.

Please send by email to with all of the following documents:

  •       Your CV
  •       A letter of application
  •       Contact details of two referees, including your current employer (if available):
  •       Email address
  •       A copy of your passport

We will consider your application only all documentation has been received. Please note only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Kindly be advised that only EU / Swiss nationals/permit holders will be considered due to strict visa regulations.

John F. Kennedy International School

Zannie Odobasic-Leong
Head of Business & Administration
Chilchgasse 8
3792 Saanen


Non-European applications

To our great regret, changes to Swiss law have made it extremely difficult for international schools like JFK to obtain work permits for non-EU citizens. For this reason, applicants without EU passports or Swiss work permits are advised that this greatly reduces their chances of being put on a short list.

Contact Human Resources

Odobasic-Leong Zannie
Zannie Odobasic-Leong