Boarding Staff

Our staff here at JFK are a truly international team; bringing with them professional experience and expertise from around the world.

Lluís Piñero

Boarding Assistant

    A dedicated Data Analyst, embarks on a quest for continuous growth. Intrigued by the boundless horizons of knowledge, he ventured to Japan and South Korea, driven by an unshakeable belief that learning knows no limits. His motto, “Don’t worry, just work on it,” reflects his resolute determination to unravel answers hidden within questions. Lluís thrives in unraveling complex puzzles, a skill refined through roles like teaching high school and university math, orchestrating discotheque dynamics, and decoding data intricacies at Taurus Iberica. His versatile language skills—Catalan, Spanish, English, German, and Italian—align with his multifaceted interests, ranging from chess and riddles to the serene practice of yoga. Lluís’ educational journey, including degrees in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Statistics, coupled with courses across Europe, underscores his commitment to holistic development. He infuses his analytical finesse with a fervor for growth, epitomizing a constant learner poised to transform challenges into triumphs.